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Insightrix Online Community platform was built by

researchers for researchers.


As researchers, we know the value of utilizing an online community platform.

This is why we are offering our platform with unlimited access.

You can implement as many research projects as you like.


Qualitative Features

  • Group discussions

  • Private discussions

  • Moderator can apply tags

  • Moderators and users can upload images, videos and files in discussions

  • Cross tabulate findings from previous discussion to easily compare findings

  • Export data to Excel or Word

  • Create samples to invite people to discussions

Quantitative Features

  • Surveys (profile, regular, quick polls)

  • Skip logic, randomization, masking

  • Ability to upload images, videos and audio files in questions

  • Export data (SPSS, CSV, XLSX)

  • Export topline data

  • Create samples to invite people to discussions

In addition to our research features,we also include other features:

  • Customize your community by uploading your branding elements

  • Incentivize your community with tangible and non-tangible incentives

  • Communicate with your community through emails, newsletters and pop-ups

Interested in learning more about how your business can benefit with a community platform?

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