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Citizens want a say in decisions that impact them. Online Community Software helps municipal government engage citizens.


A community platform allows municipal governments to connect with citizens, safely and securely

through online engagements.


Our community platform offers a safe online environment to engage citizens where they won’t be badgered about their opinion. 


​Get to know your citizens by having them fill out a profile survey.


Choose the engagement tool you’d like to use with your participants.

  • Discussions (group or private)

  • Survey (regular or quick poll)


Analyze results.

  • GDPR

Our platform is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

  • Manage Abuse

If abuse does happen, our platform has the tools to manage it. Administrators         can ban users and community members can report abuse in discussions.

  • Incentives

If you would like to incentivize your community, we have options.

  • Customize your Community

With our branding options, you can apply your municipality look and feel.


Interested in learning more about how an online community can help you engage your citizens?

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