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Gain customer experience insights with an Online Community. Engage your consumers.  Gather data you need.  Make informed corporate decisions.

Unlimited surveys, polls, discussions

Membership up to 15 000 people at base cost

Short and long term contracts

Dashboards and reporting

Activity targeting


Our community software allows companies to have an engagement platform to gain insight on products or services.

Eliminate project-by-project research costs with our all-encompassing market research platform.


 Insightrix Communities Offers Solutions for Your Engagement Needs

Unlimited Access

Qualitative and quantitative features


Your community displays your branding



Unlimited and in a variety of formats

User Friendly

Do-it-yourself software as a service


Reward your community members


Control which admins have access to sensitive information

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Qualitative Features

Quantitative Features

  • Group discussions

  • Private discussions

  • Moderators can apply tags

  • Image, video and file uploads in discussions

  • Cross tabulation of findings from previous discussions for easy comparison

  • Excel or Word exports

  • Create samples to invite people to discussions

  • Surveys (profile, regular, quick polls)

  • Skip logic, randomization, masking

  • Ability to upload images, videos and audio files in questions

  • Export data (SPSS, CSV, XLSX)

  • Export topline data

  • Create samples to invite people to discussions

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“As a company, we have grappled with how best to ensure we get strategic, meaningful and accurate research from our stakeholders.   Insightrix has brought a compelling level of understanding of our research needs, not just through the professional acumen and experience of its research staff but also through the use of creative tools.  When working with Insightrix on a recent critical employee engagement project, the team recommended the innovative use of an on-line employee forum in combination with some more traditional focus groups.  The interactivity of the forum allowed both us (and our employees) to “dive deep” on key issues and surface critical questions which is helping us tailor both our communications and our organizational strategies better than I could have imagined. 


We were thanked by our employees for using the forum to address a difficult and nuanced topic and our management was grateful to surface issues in a way (and with a depth) that we didn’t think was imaginable.  That’s a great outcome.  Plain and simple, Insightrix helps us drive business results.  I encourage all clients to consider using Insightrix’s forum tool with their next research project.”


Manager, Strategic Issues and Communications

Water Security Agency

Start seeing the benefits of an Online Community today

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