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The content section of the platform allows for editing of the home page, the carousel (if carousel background template is selected), rewards sections and redeem pages. 

To access the content menu, click System > Content

The list of previously created content pages appears on the Content page. To edit a page, click the button under the Edit heading. 

The editor will pop up. Make the appropriate edits and then click Update. 

To create a new content page, click +Add. 

A window will pop up. 

Add the title for the new content page in the Title field. 

Choose the content type of the new page in the Select Content Type dropdown. There are three types to choose from:

  • Carousel- information to be displayed in the carousel on the login page can be entered and edited. 

  • Welcome- section at the top of the home page upon login can be entered and edited. 

  • Home Bottom Text – section at the bottom of the home page upon login can be entered and edited. 

Use the text editor to enter and edit the content. Once complete, click Save. 

The newly created content will be in the list on the main Content page. For the content to show, the status must be set to Active.

To switch the status of a content page, click the checkbox to select it. Then click Update Status. 

Once the status is set to active, it will appear in the community for users to see. 

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