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Curious about what your customers or stakeholders have to say about your brand or new product?


Our community platform allows companies to engage with stakeholders in a safe environment to gain insight on products or services.


Eliminate project-by-project research costs with our all-encompassing market research platform.


Why partner with us?

  • Unlimited access to all qualitative and quantitative features

  • Customize your community with your branding

  • Options to incentivize your community

  • Administrator permissions

  • We have the reporting capability you expect

  • Do-it-yourself software as a service

  • Prompt and reliable customer support when you need it

Qualitative Features

  • Group discussions

  • Private discussions

  • Moderators can apply tags

  • Moderators and users can upload images, videos and files in discussions

  • Cross tabulate findings from previous discussion to easily compare finding.

  • Export data to Excel or Word

  • Create samples to invite people to discussions

Quantitative Features

  • Surveys (profile, regular, quick polls)

  • Skip logic, randomization, masking

  • Ability to upload images, videos and audio files in questions

  • Export data (SPSS, CSV, XLSX)

  • Export topline data

  • Create samples to invite people to discussions

Interested in learning more about how your business can benefit with a community platform?

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