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System Email Templates

  • System Email Templates

System email templates are the emails that are automatically generated from the system. For example, when a new member is invited to the community they receive an email. This section of the platform is where that email can be edited. 

Click on System > System Email Templates

The System Email Templates page will open. 

This will display all of the system-generated emails that are in the platform. 

To edit, click on the button in the Edit column. For example, click on the button in the Edit column next to Account Activation to edit the Account Activation email template. 

The template editor will open.

The current template for the Account Activation email will be displayed. Use the text editing options in the editor to make the desired changes to the email template. Once this is complete, click on Update. 

To test the new version of the email, click on the button in the Send Test column. This will send an email to the email address used to login to the community.

System Email Templates
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