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10 Reasons Why Insightrix Communities Is The Best

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Written by: Megan McDowell

If you are considering starting your own online community but are not sure which platform to go with, look no further. We have outlined 10 reasons why Insightrix Communities online community software is the best option:

1.Unlimited Research Projects

We don’t nickel-and-dime you for every move you make. Once you enter into a contact agreement with Insightrix Communities you can run as many research projects as you like without getting charged per complete. Think unlimited surveys, unlimited discussions, unlimited polls, and unlimited interaction with your community members.

2. Unparalleled Customer Support

Just ask our clients- Insightrix Communities offers the best customer support. From client on-boarding, to training, and providing solutions if you have a problem or a question- we are there to support you.

3. Unlimited Admin Accounts

Access to the admin side of the software can be given to as many people on your team as you like. We make it easy for our clients to add their colleagues to the platform and to grant them access to the admin side of the software. We also offer easy-to-use permission settings, so that you can control who has access to what, and so that there aren’t too many cooks in the kitchen.

4. Large Membership Numbers

Grow your online community to 15000 members at base cost. Pricing for membership numbers that exceed 15000 are reasonable, and only reflect the low cost of adding another server.

5. Flexibility In Contracts

Need a community for a week? A month? A year? It doesn’t matter! Insightrix Communities offers both short and long term contracts. Thought you needed a community for three months, but like what you see? Want to change your mind? We have you covered there too. If you choose to extend your short term contract to a long term contract, we will honour the long term rate moving forward.

6. Training and Panel Support

For both short and long term contracts we offer in-person or screen share training sessions, training manuals, training videos, and an account manager to help you succeed with your engagement projects. Panel support managers are always on hand and additional panel support options are available as well.

7. Unlimited Data

More unlimited items! All data collected in the platform is yours! No need to be careful on your exports, all data collected in the platform during contract is yours to export as many times and as often as you like! Same goes for word clouds, keyword counts, cross tabs, etc.

8. Technical And MR Professionals In The Same Office

Insightrix Communities Online Community software was created and continues to be developed in the office of a full-service Market Research firm, Insightrix Research. Whether it be questions regarding research, technical issues, engagement, recruitment, design, marketing or any other needs you may have, we have a professional to provide assistance!

9. Client-Input-Advised Flexible Development

Speaking of those in-house developers, they are always eager to hear feedback! Our software is on a continuous development cycle, and Account Managers work closely with developers so that our software evolves to reflect the needs and desires of our clients. Wish we had a certain feature? Let us know and we will do our best to implement it into our development plan.

10. Templates To Get You Started

We run our own successful online community, SaskWatch Research, that has been up and running for over 12 years and has over 20 000 members! We have all the templates you need to get started- FAQs, Terms and Conditions, even a template contract agreement so that you can spend your time and energy engaging your community members, faster!

If you are interested in learning how Insightrix Communities can help with your engagement needs, please contact us. We would love to give you a free demo of our Online Community software.

Please check us out on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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