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What customers remember about a brand is obviously the product, but since so many companies are providing quality products these days, the real differentiator is the experience. In 2021 over 80% of companies expect to compete on customer experience. Michel Falon a customer experience advisor and speaker writes, “Regardless of your service, product, size of business or industry, customer experience has proven to be a key differentiating point for companies around the world.” So what are some ways that companies can or are providing to improve customer experience? Well a lot of large online retailers are using AI software known as chatbots.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an AI software that simulates conversation between a user and the brand. Now I know you might be thinking that you don't want to be talking with a robot but rather a person. The reality is that most companies are unable to pay for that level of support when a user comes to their website. AI chatbots have become so advanced that you might at times even receive better information or responses than a trained worker. The responses can be programmed so well that the slightest nuances can be detected and responded to.

A Great Example of How Chatbots Can Help

Let’s look at how the large retailer H&M uses chatbots which act as stylists. When arriving to the website the chatbot initiates discussion. “What are you looking for? Men’s or women’s clothing?” as you respond the chatbot begins to show you various looks that might peak your interest to which each interaction focuses more indepth on the style that is of interest to the user. At the end the user is more clear on what styles he or she likes, and then has recommendations of clothing items based on those styles.

If your inclination is to disregard the opportunity chatbots create for your business, consider a user going to your website. A user lands on your static website with no chat function, the user goes on and has to scroll through several pages to find a form or email address, or phone number to contact your brand. This requires at least four steps. Now consider someone comes to your website and the chat is initiated instantly. The user can ask several questions and the chatbot responds. These responses are programmed to ensure that the correct information is given based on the questions. The customer finds the answer in a period of a few minutes. Even if 10% cannot find the solution and need to call, the 90% that were serviced instantly have had a better customer experience than the static site.

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