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Brands Helping in Times of Adversity

It has been close to 7 full months since the coronavirus outbreak. In that 7 months it has affected every single person around the world. It’s been interesting to watch how people across the globe have responded in positive ways to the pandemic. This positive response has also been seen by brands/companies taking initiative to address the pandemic and find ways on how they can help the community that can bring positive growth through adversity. 

Leadership that Cares

It is important that people in a company value their culture but most importantly, their leaders. We all don’t have access to the same information; given the multiple sources where we can get them from, and that makes it difficult to call the shots. However, people are starting to go back to work and working towards this new form of normalcy, and we need to trust the people on top are well informed and making the right decisions, even if they’re tough. One of the important things leaders can do is focus on looking after their people and making sure they’re well.

Shifting in Positive Ways

Not all companies/brands are doing well during this pandemic but they are responding in ways that they can within their own parameters. They are pivoting their capabilities, putting more emphasis into COVID-19 response, and how they can use their assets to generate a positive outcome and engage in social good. These efforts can range from shifting their advertising to spread awareness and positive messages, changing up their production lines for products that are more essential and helpful during these times, or aiding those on the frontlines. 

Do what you can to help and pass it on.

In times like this – a time for sensitivity, people wanting to help other people is strongly felt and it is not surprising for organizations wanting to do the same. Through all the efforts in responding to the global pandemic, it brings people together and fills the gap between companies and its customers. This motivates others to do the same and strengthen their resolve.

Connect with your customers and find out ways on how you can communicate with them and help. If you have a need for a market research online community, or want to learn more about engaging hard-to-reach groups, contact us.

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