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Capturing Customer Feedback

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

In this article, we will look at the two different voice-of-customer mechanisms that exist and how to use them to fix your digital product. Secondly how to look at the systemic problems that may exist and how to plan to change these problems. Market research online communities are great ways to embed surveys or discussions into everyday interactions with your customers.

There are two types of voice-of-customer systems, one is a feedback button and an intercept survey. A feedback button can appear on your company's site in the form of a chatbot or an open text question, or a survey. This attempts to capture the experience and allow for ways the customer suggests that it could be made better. Imagine you go on an e-commerce website to buy men’s shoes, but the images they give only show the tops and sides of the shoe and not the tread on the bottom. A feedback button could ask “How was your experience?” with an open text response option. The user who was specifically looking for good treads, could reply that they were unsatisfied because they wanted to see the treads, but no image option was available.

These feedback buttons help with immediate improvements for your product. The changes suggested in the beginning may seem like a lot, but as your team acts upon the suggestions they will eventually reduce over time. Building upon the feedback button are intercept surveys. The intercept survey is a research method used to gather on-site feedback from a target audience. When conducted online, intercept surveys are designed to intercept website visitors to ask them timely and relevant questions.

Intercept surveys are great because they capture the real-time experience of the user rather than asking for users to recall their previous experience after time has passed. Embedding surveys, and feedback buttons into your site is a great way to capture user experiences. By using an experience management platform or MROC you can store the data collected in one place and analyze the data in a quick and efficient method.

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