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Cathay Pacific Uses a Market Research Online Community to Make Informed Decisions for its 32 Million

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Written by: Evan Goodfellow

How many air travellers have thought to themselves, “Why can’t the airline that I am travelling on do a better job?  How hard could it be? Surely not every airline is this bad?” It is not until you travel on an airline, such as Cathay Pacific, that does an excellent job of customer service on many levels, that you answer that question.

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Cathay Pacific a Leader in Customer Service

As a researcher, the next question is, “How did they do it?”  In my view, excellence is doing a thousand details, one percent better. Cathay Pacific provides both the comparison as well as some insight into how they achieved their reputation.

Cathay Pacific was started in 1946 and is the largest airline of Hong Kong. Their operations include passenger and cargo services to 200 destinations in 52 countries. Known for its tremendous service the company has been awarded “World’s Best Airline” four times, which is more than any other airline. One of the keys to the company’s success is their use of an Insight Community which boasts over 10,000 customers. The data collected comes from 17 different countries in four different languages. They have used their (MROC) online community to help with brand strategy, product development, and to create brand loyalty.

MROC Software Used to Engage Customers

Cathay Pacific’s use of market research online community software has served to help make decisions across various channels of the business. In an effort to optimize online sales through their website, the company engaged customers to inform them about the site design, and functionality. Customers also shared what features they thought needed to be added or removed to create an optimal user experience.

When the airline was faced with designing new seats, which is a huge cost to the company, they had insight members come and test them out through an offline testing. Their purpose for the testing was to make sure that their customers found them comfortable, since after all, they would be the ones sitting in them. They have also used their community to test their ad campaign which they ran entitled Life Well Travelled.

Cathay Pacific has over 32 million customers each year. Their Market Research Online Community has been integral in making decisions that their customers feel reflect their taste and preferences. That is why the company felt that ongoing conversations with customers is the only way to keep making decisions that strengthen the brand and create greater customer satisfaction.

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