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Communities The Polite and Proper Way to Gather Customer Data

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Slowly but surely our lives are evolving into using more and more digital tools, including businesses, to essentially transform our places of work to go digital and operate efficiently. In this digital age, everything is about connectivity – especially interaction with customers online. Companies have increasingly begun moving to market research online communities in order to more easily gather data and gain insights from their customers. This move to community software allows companies to rethink their strategies by being able to collect customer experiences and understand them in more depth. Like most tools there is often some reluctance about whether companies need an experience management tool like ours, but once they start using it, they often ask for several communities to manage other areas of their business from HR to Customers.

In terms of gathering data in easy and customer friendly ways, communities create a trust between the business and the user. By inviting individuals to join or having an open community, customers understand that they are choosing to give their information away rather than have some company try to gain it in malicious ways. Online surveys, one-on-one and group discussions are a great way for customers to knowingly participate in sharing their thoughts and feelings with their favourite brands. Wouldn't you rather be asked by your favourite brand for your information rather than find out that they are harvesting your data with out your true consent. While, yes you might have a 10 page terms and conditions section, this hardly constitutes knowingly sharing data.

Uncover emerging customer needs and shifting demands and use these data-driven insights to make more informed decisions faster to adapt to change at any point. And gather data from your customers in a voluntary way, trust me your customers will appreciate it.

If you have the need for a market research online community, or want to learn more about engaging hard-to-reach groups, contact us.

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