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Content Editing Tools within MROC Software

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Written by: Larry Goodfellow

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Content is an important aspect of a healthy online community. Publishing content that shows what the community has achieved, greatly increases the health and motivation of the community. People want to know that their work and contributions are appreciated. We knew that it was important for community managers to be able to publish content within the site in an easy manner.

Jatin Patel has been working on creating content editing tools which will be released next month in version 2.11. His goal was to help community managers create new pages for their content on the site. The basic premise is a simple web page management system so that they can keep posting new content showing the progress of the community.

      What was the concept behind designing this Content Editing Tools?

The  concept behind this tool was to give the community manager some kind of landing page(tool) where they can create their own pages like any other CMS (content management system) out there. So they can create arbitrary pages and display them in specific locations across their MROC. We want them to be able to copy and paste the HTML or any regular content and publish it on their page. In short, we want to make a CMS like tool for online research communities.

      What was the hardest thing about designing the content editing tools?

The hardest thing about the design was to create storage (we call it a database table) that holds all the content and make the page secure. 

      Why do you think community managers will like it so much?

Community managers will like this tool because in the past, if they wanted to make changes to existing pages they needed to ask developers and rely on them to update content. Now they can do it themselves, which will make things move faster.

If you would like to find out more about how our online community software can meet your needs, please contact us. You can also follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or check us out on LinkedIn!

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