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Converting Anonymous Survey Participants to Online Panel Members

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Written by: Evan Goodfellow

The use of anonymous surveys has many benefits; people might be more likely to answer a quick survey if it is…quick. While all data collected is useful, demographic data points and data that you can measure over time may be more useful when trying to gain insight into your business and brand.

That is why utilizing an online community to gather data is so useful. You get the opportunity to develop detailed profiles of your users, probe deeper into important matters, and measure the differences over time.

So, how do you use the appeal of anonymous surveys to engage participants and then convert those participants to community members? Incentives.

When running anonymous surveys, you can stay true to the promise of not collecting user data, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invite those participants to share more. Including an invitation to your online community at the end of your anonymous survey, along with detailing the incentives associated with online community membership, can help you convert casual users to key contributors of input into your business.

In the Insightrix Communities platform, signing up for membership and completing the profile survey garners your participants points. Those points equate to anything you like!

The options for incentives are vast- cash, prizes, draw entries, donations, you name it. Regardless of the option you choose, this is your chance to mention it and explain why membership in your community is so great. It certainly doesn’t hurt to brag about all the great rewards associated with membership in your community.

If you are interested in learning more about your options for incentives, or how an online community can help you with your outreach and brand building efforts, please contact us.

To learn more about what Insightrix Communities has been up to, check us out on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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