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Customer Experience and Online Research Communities

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Written by: Megan McDowell

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It Sounds Good, But Do You Actually Deliver?

While researching and writing this article, I decided to Google “Customer Experience and Communities.” What I found is that while companies and corporations are using buzzwords like customer experience CX or user experience UX, that many companies still don’t walk the talk. While clicking through the links, I came upon one page that had a pop-up bubble for a live chat. I responded that I was just looking for articles about customer experience, expecting a reply. After a minute of no reply, I saw at the top of the screen that the individual who was in charge of the online chat hadn’t been online for a week. Immediately I clicked out. The second was a company that sold market research online community software (MROC) and had a 3 paragraph blurb about customer experience but then wanted me to fill out my personal information before allowing me to read more about what they had to say in regards to customer experience. I clicked out. The reality is that customer experience is a word that everyone seems to think is important but upon deeper reflection seem unclear as to the how and why. We believe that good CX is important because a pleasant experience translates to sales, repeat sales, and expanding your brand through word of mouth referrals. We believe that one of the best ways on how to improve the customer experience is through MROC’s.

IBM Making Software to Help Better Understand CX

IBM is one company that is taking a serious interest in understanding the customer journey through its software. Recently they have created software that allows companies to see where the customers click through on their sites, and where they drop off. Using their software allows companies to try and change the user experience and optimize it so that more conversions are made. Companies that are using this software are still playing a guessing game of why the customer dropped off suddenly, and time is spent to try and make the experience better based on assumptions as to the reasons to explain the analytics. While this software is a major step forward, we are interested in understanding both where the customer dropped off and hearing first hand as to why they dropped off.

The benefit of online community software is that it can be used to create a customer centric culture. It allows the executive level to hear the voice of the customer which can then be used to influence decision making. Insight communities can be used to improve customer loyalty, brand perception, retain customers and help improve products and services. We believe that if you are serious about customer experience then you will be amazed at how communities can be used to connect with customers creating the best experience possible.

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