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Customer Service Ritz Style

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

In an article written by Stephen Blandino entitled How the Ritz-Carlton Delivers Exceptional Customer Service the author examines how The Ritz-Carlton Hotel has set itself apart in terms of high quality customer service. Some of the key secrets relate to the link between treating employees well, and them in turn treating customers well.

Blandino addresses how The Ritz-Carlton focuses on creating a great company culture. This includes having employees clearly understand the company's priorities. These priorities are written on a "Credo Card" which staff members carry with them at all times. The card has six aspects that are key to the company's culture.

  • Credo – A creed that describes the Ritz-Carlton’s mission, service, facilities, and experience.

  • Twelve Service Values – Twelve one-sentence values that employees personally own and model. These values begin with the heading, “I am proud to be Ritz-Carlton.”

  • Mystique – A combination of emotion and tradition to create memorable and unique experiences for guests.

  • Three Steps of Service – A concise list of three practical ways to offer exceptional service.

  • Motto – “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.”

  • Employee Promise – A description of the Ritz-Carlton’s commitment to its employees and work environment.

The second key takeaway from the article is how the employees are selected. The hiring process focuses not on filling empty positions but hiring the correct people for the organization. This hiring process involves multiple steps of interviews before an employee is selected. The requirements involve focusing on natural talent and not technical talent. As one manager cites, "Technical talent can be taught, while natural talent is harder to come by." The other difference compared to other big hotel chains is that the individuals hired are diverse in age. Many hotel chains like to hire young graduates, or experienced staff from other hotel chains, who also tend to be hired straight out of college. This can severely limit the depth of experience brought to an organization.

Employees are the crucial link between the organization's commitment to customer service and the actual customer service that gets delivered. A disgruntled employee is not likely to want to go above and beyond to help a customer, whereas a happy employee will be more likely to spread their happiness to the customer. Blandino writes, how there motto connects the link, “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.” One way that the organization ensures that the employee is happy is through building in "listening" scenarios through the training and later into the employees careers for sharing feedback on how things could be made better for the workers.

Throughout the company's hiring, training and employment of staff the hotel chain uses software to help assist with measurement metrics to ensure goals are met. One such software is used to track employee engagement metrics.

In the past companies have used Insightrix Community software to track customer service, however in recent years we have been seeing an increase in the use of employee engagement software as well. With our customer experience online software you can segregate your customers and employees within one MROC community to track the metrics of both.

We believe that market research online communities are the future for any organization both big and small. The connection between customer service and the employee satisfaction is not mutually exclusive and should both be focused on to create a great workplace with happy customers. If you would like to find out how our MROC software can help you connect to your customers and employees then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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