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Daytime Video on The Rise Among Professionals

Since the start of COVID-19 more and more people have begun working remotely from home and the habits of the workplace have been forever altered. Insightrix Research has been tracking the changes of Covid each month using our Insightrix Communities software. Since March, Insightrix has been examining how panel members are feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic. With more than 10,000 market research online community members surveyed so far, the monthly Barometer was created to help businesses, stakeholders and marketers understand how provincial residents are holding up and discover the implications to their brand. One notable change that has come as a result of remote working has been the increase of video consumption. In particular video consumption during the work day has increased and normalized particularly among working professionals according to Nielsen study.

By mid summer more people in the U.S. were working from home. One of the adjustments that came with working from home was an increase in video consumption. 65% of respondents from the Nielsen Remote Workers survey said that they spent their time during work breaks watching TV or streaming video content. In other instances video filled in for the noise of the office place, and acted as a companion. 56% of respondents answered that they “watched TV or streamed video content with sound (50% did so without sound) while they were actively working.” Furthermore this daily increase of daily media consumption has not aversely affected nighttime viewing.

On average television and online streaming between the times of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. has increased by 21% for workers from the year before according to Nielsen. This means that on average working professionals are watching 26 minutes more of TV a day. This increase in daytime viewing has not impacted evening viewing, in fact that too has increased. These increases in viewing have large implications for advertising and media networks as the engagement and spending power has dramatically increased in such a short time. Now content creators and advertisers will have to adjust to meet this new demographic and the increase in their consumption.

With so many habits changing due to COVID-19 researching new trends and behavioural changes have never been more important. Habits and behavioral changes take time to become the new norm or routine. With the length of the virus the changes that take place during this time will become more normal and routine. Once the virus is dealt with through vaccines and immunity, many of these behavioural changes will remain. By having your customers enrolled in an experience management platform or market research online community you are able to engage more often, for less spend, to see the habit changes and trends emerge within your customer base. If you would like to find out how our MROC software can help you connect to your customers then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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