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Four Tips To Increase Community Engagement

A community management plan should highlight content, activities, and discussions that will take place in your community over the next few months. It is important to know that the best content should involve – proactively engaging and interacting with members to find out what they are doing. You have to provide activities and give a reason for your members to come back and visit on a regular basis.

In addition to having a great community management plan, there are various ways you can increase activity. Here are a few:

  1. Interaction. Most communities place content over interaction. Discussion among members should hold a key position in your community.

  2. Plan. Take the time to carefully plan and create activities in all areas of your community.

  3. Best foot forward. Showing that your community is thriving is crucial. You want to remove posts with no replies, and areas of the community that have been dormant, and features that do not get much activity. You want your community to have the appearance of success and to appear as active as possible.

  4. Highlights. Members want to know what others are doing in the community. Therefore, highlight what is popular in your community – open up a popular discussion thread for other members to see and participate in. Get to know their opinions and insights through an activity like this. We live in a world where we can easily share our thoughts and experience, therefore, incorporating the concept of social proof is essential. In addition, regularly recognize contribution from your members as they want recognition and a feeling they have influence in their community.

Use one of the Internet’s greatest strengths of bringing people together with common interests to engage and interact with one another through a vibrant community, which can be a powerful business tool. If you have a need for a market research online community, or want to learn more about engaging hard-to-reach groups, contact us.

To learn more about what Insightrix Communities has been up to, check us out on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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