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Insight Communities to Create the Ultimate Customer Products

Imagine it's your significant others birthday coming up and you are trying to plan the perfect birthday celebration along with gift. You have been trying to pick up clues for the past few months in order to find out where they would like to go for dinner, and most importantly what they would like for a gift? The hints have been few and far between, and you try your best to guess but feel uncertain. Now reverse the roll, and it's your birthday and not many questions have been asked, and while you have been dropping hints you feel they have been largely unnoticed. Then on the day of, you are taken to your fourth favourite restaurant, and you open a gift that while costly, you have no interest in. You strain to create the most genuine looking smile possible to hide the feelings of disappointment. Now while this is a personal experience, it happens everyday with companies creating "gifts" for their customers.

The perfect birthday might just be the one you plan yourself. It's your day, so why not plan what restaurant you want to eat at, and what you would like to unwrap. While the mystery may be gone, it is a more clear concise way to get what you truly want. It also might save a lot of time and stress for the partner expected to try and read your mind. What if we could do this with our customers? Well, with online research communities you essentially can.

Qualitative research communities are a great way to gather your customers into your own private room on the internet and ask them what they would like most. This can be done in groups as well, where the group collaborates to create the best idea possible. Customers bouncing ideas off of other customers as to what would make the best product imaginable.

While the concept of team work and group ideation may sound like a good idea most companies still do not truly believe it is better than the ideas of the senior management. Or if they do believe it is a good idea, don't know what software to use to make this happen. The voice of the customer has never been more important. With Insightrix insight communities you are able to hear your customers true wishes for your products and marketing ideas. Why not let the customer plan your product for you, in order for you both to feel deeply satisfied.

If you would like to find out how our MROC software can help you then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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