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Make Money, Save Money, Avoid Risk

Written by Megan McDowell

B2B (Business-to-business) organizations typically provide one of three types of offerings: they either want to help you make money, help you save money or help you avoid risk.

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to choose and that you could get all three benefits in one place? Insightrix Communities works with businesses to help them make money, save money and avoid risk, all at the same time!

To start, what is Insightrix Communities? The Insightrix Communities platform is on online community software as a service that connects people like you to the people you need to hear from in order to make informed and effective business decisions. The Insightrix Communities platform allows admins of the software to:

  • run surveys and polls;

  • engage members in one-on-one and group discussions;

  • hold chat-based, live board focus groups;

  • engage members via email;

  • utilize the gathered data in a way that will benefit their business through informed decisions making.

The Insightrix Communities platform allows admins to run as many engagement activities as they like and export the data collected, wherever and whenever. This helps to streamline projects, ultimately leading to the implementation of the findings, faster.

How Will Insightrix Communities Make Me Money?

Insightrix Communities provides a vehicle for businesses to gather data to make smarter business decisions. Before launching a new concept, ask for opinions on the existing one, or ask about the two new options you are considering. Growing your business means viewing all sides of feedback and learning from shortcomings and mistakes. Growing your business quickly will rely on your product being in line with what your customers like and want. Gathering all of this data can be achieved with an online community.

How Will Insightrix Communities Save Me Money?

The efficiency and flexibility of the Insightrix Communities platform provides a cost-effective solution to gathering the information you need. Utilizing online data gathering methods means that the costs associated with travel are eliminated. Convenience for participation means that incentives are less than those involved in more traditional methods. There is no cost associated with hosting, such as venue rental costs or purchasing of food and beverage. The streamlined process also means that less time is spent of gathering and analyzing data. Time is money!

How Will Insightrix Communities Help Me Avoid Risk?

The avoidance of risk by utilizing an online community is all about leveraging the software to gather feedback on your business, product or service. If you are running a new ad campaign, preview it to a small group of participants for feedback. Check you tone, your insinuations and ensure you didn’t overlook anything. Re-branding? Gather feedback on initial mock-ups before devoting time and effort (and money!) applying it to branded elements of your business. Gathered insights will provide you with added confidence before moving forward with your new initiative. In addition to gaining you fresh insights, there is also an opportunity to cushion any negative experiences a customer may have had with your product or brand. By opening up the channels of communication, your customers will have a sounding board to share their thoughts to you directly if they are displeased with anything, rather than leaving negative reviews online. In effect, this will show that you are engaged and willing to accommodate your customers needs, resulting in a happier customer base who now have a stake in the future development of your company, as well as pre-tested business decisions.

If you are ready to start making more money, saving money and avoiding risk, it is time to consider an online community. Please contact us for more information or book a free demo.

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