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Moving Forward and Up

Updated: May 12, 2020

Written by: Larry Goodfellow

We are all reading about the new normal and how this means that our homes now equate to offices, schools, gyms, churches and any other facility that used to stand separately. But we need to look at the way this new approach is normalizing remote work, and how contractual employment agreements and the gig economy are going to be amplified as a result, and what this really means for businesses and employees.

For some organizations, the transition to having staff at home required a lot of effort to set up and organize. But, businesses may also realize an unexpected benefit from this shift. With growing adaptation to contractual work, normalized even more so from the current working from home movement, contractual work may help with productivity since employees will be picked per project, based on their performance from the project before. This has potential to increase competition and reduce ineffective employees. These new terms to the workforce may also push people to continually evolve and grow, working harder and smarter as a result.

The gig and contractual work economy also means that companies no longer only have to choose employees in their immediate area. If the work will be done off site regardless, new staff can be a world away. The success of a company will no longer be dictated by the calibre of local staff. Hiring experts remotely will allow companies to scale, regardless of their location.

Having new staff from different locations will also help redefine “the bar” for your company. With new perspectives, experiences and know-how, distant or foreign experts can help pull companies out of a slump, and help open eyes to what is, in fact, achievable. Having others join your staff can also help gain insights to your competitors and will ultimately help pull many companies into “the big leagues”.

The influx of digital communication within this pandemic is arguably here to stay. And with it, the increase of working, and hiring offsite. Throughout all of these advancements, it is the ability for effective online communication that is allowing us to progress, and which will help us in the future. The effectiveness of online communication within an organization, and outwardly from an organization their customers, will continue to rise in importance.

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