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Opportunities for Recalibration During Recent Changes

Updated: May 22, 2020

Written by: Megan McDowell

Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”- John C. Maxwell

While recent changes seem abrupt, harsh and unexpected, we can always count on the inevitability of change. These changes, however, seem to have something in common that differentiate them; for the most part, they are surface level while the essence of things remains. For instance, working from home is a change many are facing, but the goals and items we are tasked with are consistent while businesses try to carry on best as possible.

Of course, many elements of these changes are frustrating and challenging, but we owe it to ourselves to adapt and treat this situation as an opportunity for a fresh start. Everyone is going through changes right now on a global, national, community, familial, and personal level. In this time of general upheaval, we must ask ourselves, what do I want? What would I like to maintain? What would I like to adapt? What would I like to abandon? What works? What doesn’t?

Once restrictions are lifted, new efforts will be exerted to bring things back to “normal”. But if reverting is going to take effort, why not choose to spend that time and energy redefining elements that were no longer working or serving the best interest of you or your business?

Some of the changes resulting from this pandemic generally went the way we might have anticipated. Some have not. It is important that we observe what is working, and carry those things forward as lessons learned from these times.

For instance, an unexpected consequence that we at Insightrix Communities have noticed is that people are more likely to participate in online research in these times. This is a huge and consequential learning for the research industry. Individuals are no longer in such a rush, and their time is not stretched as much as it used to be (although we must give a hats off to parents at home with their children juggling life, work, and home-school). As a result, participation rates have been higher, and people are more engaged while participating in online surveys and discussions.

We have also noticed changes arising from the current work situation in our office. At Insightrix, the pandemic meant that all staff were moved to working at home. Although full-time staff in the corporate office did have flexibility to work from home on occasion, moving to a situation where everyone worked at home all of the time was certainly an adjustment. We also moved call center staff to work remotely. And in short notice too! Within two weeks, the entirety of Insightrix staff was working remotely from home.

As a result, we no longer have to decide which meeting room to use, no longer have to worry about our wardrobe, and don’t have to spend our time commuting. Instead, the importance of good internet connection, good communication and effective organization- elements that make companies and individuals successful no matter the circumstance- are ever more important.

Of course our new realities come with challenges, but challenges, just like change, are a certainty. What is important is that we haven’t lost sight of what makes the company successful- insightful, eager professionals, excellent communication, going above and beyond for our clients, a team spirit where nobody is left behind, and a work culture where our wins are celebrated.

We all ought to all take a second to think about what is working in our current situation and adapt it moving forward, as well as identify what was not working with our old ways and leave it in the past.

It is a challenging time for many of us, but what we learn from these times and the lessons that we move forward with will help us grow and will define our successes, and life, post COVID-19.

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