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Our New Websites!

When we first started Insightrix Communities, the software was so new that no one really knew what to call it. Was it market research software, should it have it's own unique name? The first name for the longer term customer experience feedback software was dubbed Market Research Online Communities or MROC for short. When I first started I thought to myself what does that even mean? It's like creating the most generic name ever. Online communities, pretty much describes every group on the Internet.

The head of marketing at Qualtrics understood the problem and was the one who approached then owner Ryan Smith with the idea to delete the word surveys from every instance of the website, and replace surveys with the words "Customer Experience." It was a bold move, they were a survey company, not even a market research online community provider. However, they were selling a solution and not just a product, or at least that's what the head of marketing wanted to do. With that risky change a trend was born and the term has become linked with customer and employee feedback.

While Insightrix Communities does provide surveys like Qualtrics, we provide more than just surveys, we provide a 360 degree solution from data storage of the customers, surveys, discussions, and reporting. It is with these solutions that we decided to focus on two new websites that are more specific than the term communities. Our first new website is focused on enterprise solutions for customer experience and employee experience. We have called this new website The second website focuses on associations, who have similar needs to enterprise level companies but a much smaller budget and team, we created the new website for them as

If you would like to find out more about either of our products please visit the websites or contact us here!

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