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Registration Process and Demographic Data Collection with an Online Community Platform

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Written by: Evan Goodfellow

It is important that your registration process is safe and secure, but it is also important that the registration process for your online community be user-friendly and motivate participation.

There are a few different ways to effectively register for the Insightrix Communities online community platform. Registration can be achieved via:

Email invitation from the platform- Admins of the platform can email individuals or groups of individuals. An email is sent out from the platform inviting those on the email list to become members. Clicking on the link in the email will guide the recipient through the steps of creating an account.

Referral from a community member- Community members can invite their friends to participate in the community, and if incentives are set up for the platform, they can earn points while they are at it. Community members can retrieve their unique referral links that are available in the platform and share this link with their friends. They can include the link in personal emails or share the link on social media automatically from the platform.

Open registration option on the landing page- Open registration is available to anyone who accesses the site via a link or by typing in the URL of the site. Individuals can click “Register” on the home page of the site to input their information. They will fill in their email address and set a password, then be sent a confirmation email for verification. This email will contain a link to complete registration and will direct the new user to the profile survey so that they can input their demographic information and build their profile. Once the profile survey is complete, the new member can start accessing all other aspects of the community.

Demographic information is typically collected in profile surveys. Insightrix Communities allows for multiple profile surveys to be created, including qualifying questions to screen membership as needed. Profile surveys are fully customizable to address the individual needs of different communities. Additional demographic data can be collected in regular surveys as well and any existing data for members can be imported into the platform.

The platform stores a database of all community members. All member information can be sorted according to their basic demographic information given at registration, as well as additional information gathered in other surveys. The contacts database is easy to access, and research activities can be segregated based on demographic information, additional survey responses, or per project.

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