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Servicing Associations Through An Experience Management Platform

Written by: Larry Goodfellow

Working in the market research industry for over 20 years, we understood early on the importance of customer feedback, and customer experience. When creating our customer experience management platform our objective was to create an intuitive experience for both our client and the end customer. Described as the Swiss Army knife of experience management software, our objective is to meet the many varied demands of our clients and their members. While many of our competitors have focused only on the enterprise level market, we have seen an application across other markets, for example cities using the software for resident feedback, colleges for alumni graduates, as well as professional associations.

In the following short case study, a professional association client on our research services side, had asked for a more permanent self-service tool to stay in touch with their members and engage regularly using surveys and discussions. We signed them up for our market research online community package, to service the needs of its professional members located throughout Canada and in some cases working in other parts of the world.

Three online surveys were distributed at the same time to their members. Each survey was short and dedicated to a specific topic. Members only received the relevant survey(s), depending upon their occupation, education, training, and experience. Project managers built samples based on the relevant classification criteria and directed which survey went to each respondent accordingly.

Surveys were comprised of close coded as well as verbatim, open-ended questions. This resulted in a comprehensive and efficient project that delivered both quantitative and qualitative data that provided insightful comments as to why members responded as they did. The software also allowed for online discussions to be opened and directed to members who answered questions in a certain way, allowing researchers to dig deeper on topics that emerged organically.

The results were provided to management online, in real time as the project progressed using our customizable dashboard. This provided management on-going reporting, in graphs and charts segmented by survey and user demographic data. Each question also showed the open-ended responses providing a useful picture of what was being reported and why, on a question by question basis. If the questions are used again in a subsequent study, the portal will provide historical comparison of the new results to the old, in real time.

The majority of the work was done by the client, with support as required from the software provider. A short, summary report of 9 power points summarized the findings for suitable distribution to their members.

If you would like to find out more about how an experience management community could help you with customer experience management and or employee management then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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