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Spend Time Acting On Research Findings Rather Than Organizing Them

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Written by: Larry Goodfellow

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With HX at the forefront of everyone’s customer experience initiatives, the necessity of collecting qualitative data becomes ever more obvious. But let’s be honest- it is a lot of work to code, manage and organize qualitative data. You have to ask questions that probe for thoughtful answers, you have to moderate and ask follow up to certain questions to get the real meaning behind the data, get detailed answers and make sure the conversation stays on track. After that you have to sift through endless amounts of data, picking out themes and making connections.

But what if all of those things could happen in one spot? And, what if all of those things were streamlined for researchers so that they can spend their time acting on the findings, rather than organizing them?

Insightrix Online Community software allows users to conduct surveys, follow up to the survey results with online discussions, and allows for tagging of discussions results. What this means is that users can create tags, or categories/themes, into which they would like to organize comments, and then apply these tags to the appropriate data. By doing so it effectively streamlines the process of data analysis and helps organize large amounts of data. The tags that are applied to the qualitative data are displayed next to the comment in the site portal, and are also automatically organized to appear as their own pages of data on data exports for the online discussion. Exports can be made to Word, with tags appearing below each comment. Exports can also be made into Excel, where tags will have their own Excel tab, containing only the comments where the specific tag was applied.

If you are interested in learning more about our qualitative research capabilities, data analysis capabilities, or other aspects about our online community software, contact us!

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