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The New Face Of Data Security

Written by: Evan Goodfellow

The face of data security has changed. It is no longer only about protecting data from external forces, such as hackers, but it is also about managing consent to collect data and PII under GDPR stipulations. This puts more rights into the hands of the public whose data is being collected.

Under GDPR, consent for data collection no longer is just about the right to collect data, but also about the right of the individual to be able to access that data, and at any time, to withdraw their consent to use that data.

To the public, this means greater power over what and where their data is stored, and how long their data is stored. Consent to collect data is no longer a one-time check box. Rather, it is an ongoing agreement until revoked.

Companies who collect data from customers and clients are all affected. The heavy weight of GDPR means that there are substantial fines in place if companies operate outside of its stipulations, and to be listed as non-GDPR compliant is certainly not a good look for any company.

But, the data collection software that many companies use many not be built, or have capabilities, to be able to remove all the data of an individual. For instance, market researchers may utilize online community software that run surveys or online discussions. However, some types of such software organize data by project, not by person. For instance, data for a participant, including their PII, would be filed under a project number, only accessible when searching in the project. Sifting through each project in an online community for one member would be tedious, with high risk for oversights, thus not complying with GDPR.

Insightrix Communities has undergone rigorous efforts to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of data security. This means that we are proud to be GDPR compliant, have been awarded ISO 27001 certification, and meet PIPEDA requirements. In the face of GDPR, this means that our software requires members to consent to their data being collected, allows them to download their data, allows them to unsubscribe, and perhaps most importantly allows them to request to have all of their data removed, including their PII.

To learn more about our data security regulations or to learn more about our online platform, contact us!

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