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To the Moon or to Zero

Perceptions According to Age

If you want to see two opposing views between , I suggest you jump on Twitter to see the great divide on certain topics between Gen X and Millennials. These divides appear in the comments section and often can be very funny to read. A few key divides outside of politics is around companies. One in particular is Tesla. A recent financial television personality posted a comment that stated that he was happy to buy some Tesla stock finally, and the comment section was unreal. Why is this important in the context of customer experience management platforms and market research online communities you might ask? Well, if your company is selling to both a myriad of age demographics then you must understand that they are not one in the same, and therefore need to be marketed to in different ways.

Going to Zero

Now based on the comments sections, you see that typically the comments section surrounding Tesla posts on Twitter revolve around two extremes and the one extreme is that Tesla is going to zero and that it is a bubble. The comparison’s are that it is like Enron and that it is a bubble waiting to burst. While many of the millennials don’t even know what Enron is, and so they seem unphased by the comparison.

Going to the Moon

The opposite side of the extreme are the millennials who equate Tesla not just to a nice electric vehicle, but more than that, a solution to the problem of global warming. Tesla’s solar panels and electric charging stations, pose the best possible solution for this group to the fossil fuel dilemma. They see the growth and visionary thinking of Elon Musk as something to put their hopes in. The product is packaged like Apple, no pressure sales, seamless delivery, and a product that is of the highest quality.

Growing Divide

What is interesting about this difference in opinions is the matter of perceptions and the difference between generations. These differences are important to understand when you are creating products for your customers. We believe that one way to understand your customer's journey is to realize that all customers are not equal in their understanding of a product and its relevance, or the way in which that customer might purchase or want to purchase that product. Using an online market research community you are able to understand better the differences according to demographics and then cater your message to each demographic more appropriately.

If you are looking for a way to understand your audience according to segments using market research online communities please do not hesitate to contact us.

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