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Using Tags in a Qualitative Research Project

A successful qualitative research project will yield quality insights from the comments and feedback gathered from participants. Themes can be pulled from your data and other analysis can be added to your findings once the project is closed. But a successful research project also means that there is a ton of data to sort through, organize and code. This process is usually time consuming and can be complicated.

Tagging data as you moderate your project will help streamline this process, keep comments top-of-mind while doing analysis, and will help to compile and export your findings in a meaningful way.

The tagging feature offered by the Insightrix Communities platform allows moderators to create their own tags and apply them to the qualitative data gathered in online discussions. This could be anything from simple, universal tags such as, “positive”, “neutral” and “negative”, or complex tags such as “feelings of distrust” or “feelings of support”. Tagging can be done when the moderator interacts with participants while the project is in field, or when the discussion has been completed.

Tags can be universally applied to all discussions (called key tags) or be specific to certain projects. Key tags save time by not having to re-create tags for every discussion. When a key tag is set, it is available in the tag pick-list for every project until edited or removed. Moderators can also view old tags that were previously created and make them available for their current discussion.

Tags can be reviewed in the data exports. The tags applied to each comment are displayed in the data export in their own column beside the comment it applies to. Furthermore, our software has the capability to separate each tag into its own tab in the data export, separating and providing counts and information for each tag.

The utilization of the tagging feature helps moderators organize data, pick out themes and inform prompts, and above all, helps to streamline the analysis and reporting part of the process. Short deadlines and fast-turnaround projects can now seem less daunting. Reports can be made immediately upon project completion, and the research team can be ready to go with the next project shortly after.

If you would like to learn more about our tagging features, or the qualitative research options offered by our platform, please contact us. We offer flexible contracts sure to be suited to the research project you need to run.

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