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What Are The Key Aspects of an Employee Engagement Survey?

There are many types of employee surveys that you can run when using a market research online community within your organization. The various surveys include employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and employee culture surveys. First let's identify the differences between the different types of surveys. Employee satisfaction and opinion surveys measure the workers views, perceptions and attitudes of the organization. An employee culture survey measures perspectives and whether the employee aligns with the company or department. Engagement surveys measure an employee's passion and sense of purpose and overall commitment to their work and the company.

Keys to creating a good engagement survey

When creating an employee engagement survey you should consider the following. Be sure to include questions that could be asked frequently throughout the year. This will provide a baseline to keep track of your employee engagement. Focus on behaviours, such as everyday actions that probe supervisors and employees and that relate to customer service. Be purposeful in the questions you ask. Question selection reveals to employees what the company deems important. Allow some open ended questions to see themes that might have been overlooked in survey creation.

How to use engagement surveys

After the engagement survey has been conducted the data should be reviewed in aggregate allowing managers to break down the results and make the changes needed to impact engagement levels. Focus on key objectives and goals to be developed to reflect both employees and management. Another good idea is to create discussion groups through your market research online community to better understand the root of negative comments. With our market research online community platform you can invite members who responded negatively to certain questions and invite them into a discussion group to address those specific issues.

By understanding the importance of employee engagement surveys you can start scheduling them on a regular basis to start understanding your base level and begin seeking improvement in key areas. We believe that company experience management platforms are the easiest way to conduct employee engagement. If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to contact us.

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