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What does it take to run and maintain a healthy online community with more than 20 000 members?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

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Why not ask us!?

Insightrix Online Community Software is the software that we use to run the largest research panel in the province of Saskatchewan. This Online Community, SaskWatch Research, is home to over 20 000 members and has been actively running since 2008. SaskWatch Research is well known throughout the province and has clients in the government, education, corporate, and crown corporation sectors.

The software was born and developed in-house at Insightrix Research Inc, a full service market research company. With the insights of professional researchers paired with the tech skills of our development team, Insightrix Online Community software was created. Since its inception, professionals and clients have informed the new developments of our software; we always want to hear more about what our clients need and how our software can help them effectively reach their engagement goals. All of the updates and features added to the software that runs SaskWatch are also added to the Online Community Software for our clients.

We have a number of dedicated staff responsible for the running and maintenance of SaskWatch. This includes recruitment and monitoring of panel health involving the measuring of member activity levels, running re-engagement campaigns, and purging stagnant accounts to get accurate readings of community participation and membership. Insightrix also has dedicated personnel to help program the most complex surveys, ensuring that masking, skip logic, and data validations run smoothly. A development team is on hand for troubleshooting and development of new features, as well as a panel manager to handle participant questions and concerns.

Insightrix takes pride in the multifaceted skill set that we have in-house and are confident that we can handle any customer challenges or goals, as well as help them grow to realize the success that has been seen with SaskWatch Research.

If you are interested in learning more about our team or our software, please contact us.

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