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When The Only Constant is Change

Stay Current

Before the advent of the Internet, change happened at a pace that was manageable. You could assess options and adjust accordingly. With the digitization of everything, the only constant you can count on is that change is happening and will continue to happen at a rapid pace, and you as a business owner or employee needs to stay current with those changes. The increased interest in Insight Communities has come as a result of businesses seeing the importance of staying in touch with their customers and continually tracking habits and new trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Change Means Opportunity

With the increased digitization of everything, certain industries experienced the change first while other industries sat back and thought that their industry was safe. Think about brick and mortar stores, there was a time when online shopping was new. When the topic was broached years ago, individuals who did not shop online used to say, “I like trying things on.” One online retailer The Iconic company in Australia who has been able to fend off Amazon includes a return envelope so that individuals who don’t like the fit of the clothes can just put them in the prepaid envelope and drop it in the nearest maiboxl at no charge to themselves.

Change with your Customers

By understanding the change through constant contact with your customers you are able to pivot and tailor to the new needs of your customer. If you are faster at pivoting towards the emerging trends you will be able to capture a bigger market share with each move. We recommend that each of our market research online community clients conduct pulse surveys, to scan for emerging trends. When new patterns emerge through the survey results clients are then able to gather survey participants into small qualitative discussion groups to dive deeper.

Qualitative and Quantitative

Surveys are so easy to conduct. Individuals spend hours each day being distracted through Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok. Most of these distractions do not pay the users and so an activity such as a two minute survey that gives a small reward to the customer is a welcome distraction. Our market research online community software allows you to send emails to your customers with a link to the survey or discussion. Members just need to click the link in the email and they will be taken to an online survey and after completion they receive the rewards automatically.

With the only constant being change, start to manage the stress of change by staying connected to your customers. Use a market research online community to conduct monthly pulse surveys with your customers. Create discussions with respondents who signalled changing behavior in the pulse surveys.

If you would like to find out how our insight community software can be used to connect with your customers please do not hesitate to contact us.

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