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When your Staff Want to Move on to Bigger and Brighter

We know the importance of satisfied customers, our experience management platform was built for this reason. However, we believe that before you gain happy satisfied customers you first need happy satisfied employees. Using our MROC platform allows companies to not only gauge customer satisfaction but also employee satisfaction. But even with happy employees there comes a time when every employee needs to spread their wings and move on to something more challenging and use the knowledge gained at the previous place of employment as a stepping stone. In this article, we will look at why this moving onto bigger and brighter can be awkward and painful.

Most of us have experienced this, the moment where you have decided to look for a better paying, more challenging job. You start sending out your resumes, while still pretending to be excited about your current job. Scheduling job interviews after work or before, so that you won’t have to tell your manager you need time off. Then the day comes when you receive the email in your inbox with a formal offer from a new employer. Your stomach fills with excitement, and you think about all of the good implications having higher pay, or a new type of work will bring. Then you look at your manager and have a feeling of dread thinking about how you will break the news to him or her, and the other employees.

A lot of companies feel that if they treat their staff well, keep them well paid and well-compensated that the employees will return the favor by staying on for 10-20 years. However, this is not the current reality. Millennials make up half the current workforce right now, and many are hungry for bigger, more meaningful aspirations for their careers beyond just collecting a paycheck. So when an employee decides to leave for a better opportunity, management can often treat the last chapter of their employment like a failure or betrayal, when in fact it is a normal process of career development.

Management must process this fact that employees do eventually move on, and that it is a natural process of life. The goal should be for managers to not be surprised by this experience. Understanding the needs and career goals of your employees is critical. After all, the company sets expectations of the workers, and the workers while usually not forthright have expectations of the company they are working for. So it is good to be clear about the expectations of your staff and to discuss them regularly.

Then when the time comes for a staff member to leave the company for a new better opportunity that does not currently exist in the organization, the management should be happy for the employee. By putting the general growth and betterment of your staff you set a great example within the organization. By using an experience management platform for staff members, you can send regular surveys to check in on employee satisfaction, and help map out their goals and strengths so that an employee is as well suited for new roles that come up internally and so you understand the goals of the staff. By having truly satisfied staff members your company will be well suited to fully engage your customers and ensure that they too are having truly great experiences with your brand and products.

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