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WOW Your Customers!

A good customer experience management platform pays for itself many times over, as you connect with your customers to gather their feedback and seek to implement their suggestions to help improve your products and services. We often write about how connecting with your customers pays off, but when coming across this story, it was definitely an example of how connecting with your customers can truly be the best advertising you can hope for. In this article, we look at how The Ritz-Carleton made one customer feel like a VIP.

We have written before about how extraordinary the hotel chain The Ritz-Carlton is, both in how they pick their staff, including diverse backgrounds, ages, and ethnicity. They truly are a model company. However, with this story below, they really proved that all customers are VIP customers. Here is one customer's account of feeling VIP.

While on business to California a man sent his wife and two kids on a holiday to Amelia Island in Florida and had them stay at The Ritz-Carlton. When the couple met back at home they soon learned that their youngest son's giraffe Joshie was missing. Now, unless you have children or know friends with children this separation of a favorite blanket, or toy can be earth-shattering for kids, and the sadness and tantrums resulting from the loss can be painful for all parties involved. The first night the father put the son to bed, and explained that Joshie was still at the hotel and "taking an extra-long vacation at the resort."

Once his son was asleep he rang up The Ritz-Carlton and explained the situation and how he had told his son the giraffe was taking an extra-long vacation. The staff told him they had located the giraffe and would be sending it as soon as possible. A few days later a package had arrived from the hotel. It included the giraffe, some extra Ritz-Carlton merchandise such as a frisbee, football and also included in the package was a binder documenting Joshie's vacation including driving a golf cart, relaxing by the pool, and getting a massage, etc.

This story of going above and beyond made it impossible for this couple to not tell others about this story. While the son didn't seem to think anything was unusual about the binder, the mom and dad will be telling this story for years to come. In a world where stories like this are so rare, why not invest in creating as many wow moments as possible for your clients. It will be the best marketing time or money you will ever spend!

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