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Editable Pages

  • Editable Pages

This section of the community is where the information pages can be created and edited. Here a page can be created and you can choose to show it in the footer, site content or both by checking the appropriate boxes.  

To access the editable pages, click System > Editable Pages 

A list of the pages already created will appear on the page. If you want to edit them, click on the button in the edit column. 

A window will appear with the text editor. Make the appropriate edits, then click Update. 

Each row (page) has settings that can be enabled and disabled.

The Footer checkbox determines whether or not the page appears in the footer.

The Site Content checkbox determines whether or not the page appears in the site content pages. 

The Disabled checkbox allows a page to be disabled (but not deleted) if wanting to hide it. 

To create a new page, click +Add.

A window will appear. 

Enter the name for the page in the Page Name field. 

Choose what type of page it will be from the three choices: 

  • Footer- appears in the footer of the community.

  • User menu- appears in the menu on the home page (site content).

  • Disabled- does not appear immediately, but can show once the status is changed (will need to be changed to footer or user menu later).

Enter and edit the information in the text editor. Once everything is complete, click Save. 

Editable pages
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