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File Manager

  • File Manager


The file manager is where all images and files in the community are stored and managed.

To access the file manager, click System > File Manager

The main Files page will appear, with all files listed. 

Filter the files displayed with the controls along the top.

Filter by: 

  • Source: choose to only have the files associated with certain sources displayed. The options are: 

    • All-excluding avatar

    • All

    • Avatar

    • Campaign

    • Configuration

    • Content

    • Discussion

    • Email Templates

    • File Manager

    • News

    • Pages

    • Pop-ups

    • Recruitment

    • Styles

    • TinyMCE

  • Access: choose to only have the files set to a certain access level displayed. The options are: 

    • All

    • Public 

    • User

    • Admin

  • User: choose to only have the files uploaded by a certain user displayed. 

-Or, search, using the Search Bar.

Each file that is included in the file manager can have its access level changed, dictating who can see the image. 

Click the Access drop down menu for the image.

Three options appear:

  • Public- do not need to be a member of the community to see the image

  • All Users- need to be a registered user of the community to see the image

  • Administration- image only available to those with admin status

Images can be copied (and later pasted into Image Source fields). To copy an image, click the green copy icon.

To download an image to the computer, click the blue download button. 

File Manager
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