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AI Sentiment Analysis

Let AI code your open-ended responses and discussions in seconds and not days!   Our AI features utilize advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques to sort through open-ended survey questions and discussion responses, categorizing responses based on sentiment analysis, identifying and classifying the underlying emotions and opinions expressed by respondents.  By automatically detecting sentiments such as positive, negative, or neutral, our software provides valuable insights into customer attitudes and perceptions. This feature also saves hours of data cleaning and sorting. This capability enables businesses to quickly gauge public sentiment, streamline data interpretation, and make informed decisions based on the aggregated emotional feedback from their target audience. This feature not only enhances the efficiency of data analysis but also enriches the depth of market research insights available to our clients.


Custom Surveys

Complete with all the advanced tools such as complex skip, answer masking and much more. 1. Dynamic Questions: This feature allows the survey to adapt in real-time, presenting different questions based on previous answers. It enhances the relevance of each question for respondents and improves data accuracy. 2. Piping and Skip Logic: By using responses from earlier questions to influence subsequent ones, piping and skip logic ensure that participants only see the most relevant questions. This not only shortens the survey time but also reduces respondent fatigue. 3. Semantic Differential Scale: Unlike traditional Likert scales, semantic differential scales measure the connotative meaning of objects or concepts, providing nuanced insights into attitudes and opinions. 4. Heat Maps: This visual tool allows respondents to click on images to indicate preferences or feelings, offering intuitive and detailed feedback that is easy to analyze. 5. Conjoint Analysis: Used to gauge the value that consumers place on various features of a product or service, conjoint analysis helps in understanding consumer preferences and predicting market behavior. 6. Mobile Optimization: Ensuring that surveys are fully responsive, regardless of the device used, is crucial for reaching a broader audience and capturing real-time, location-based data. 7. Real-Time Data Analytics: With built-in analytics tools, researchers can immediately process and visualize data, allowing for quicker decision-making and continuous monitoring of survey performance.

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Website Feedback Button

Google analytics tells you what happened on your site but we tell you why? 1. Direct User Insights: Website feedback survey tools provide direct feedback from users, offering valuable insights into their experiences, preferences, and pain points. This helps website owners understand what is working well and what needs improvement from the user's perspective. 2. Data-Driven Decisions: The collected feedback allows for data-driven decision-making. By analyzing user responses, businesses can prioritize changes and enhancements based on actual user needs and preferences, leading to more effective and targeted improvements. 3. Enhanced User Experience: By addressing issues highlighted in feedback surveys, businesses can significantly enhance the overall user experience. Improved usability and functionality lead to higher user satisfaction, increased engagement, and better retention rates. 4. Increased Conversion Rates: Understanding and acting on user feedback can lead to optimized website elements that directly impact conversion rates. Satisfied users are more likely to complete desired actions, such as making purchases or filling out forms, ultimately boosting business performance and revenue.


Survey Templates

Easy to use survey templates. Save time by selecting precreated surveys. 1. Enhanced Efficiency: Our Survey Template Libraries provide ready-to-use templates, saving researchers from the time-consuming task of creating surveys from scratch and ensuring consistency across studies. 2. Diverse Applications: Templates are designed by experienced researchers and span a wide range of research needs, including customer satisfaction, employee engagement, market segmentation, and product feedback. 3. Customization and Variety: Templates feature a mix of question types and formats, from simple multiple-choice questions to complex matrix tables, allowing precise targeting of specific research objectives. 4. Avoid Design Errors: Pre-designed elements reduce common survey design errors, improving data validity. 5. Flexibility: Templates are fully customizable, enabling researchers to modify questions, layouts, and other elements to meet specific needs without starting from zero. 6. Time Savings: Reducing survey preparation time allows researchers to focus more on critical tasks like data analysis and interpretation, speeding up the time-to-insight. 7. Competitive Advantage: Rapid survey deployment and data gathering enhance decision-making in a competitive business environment. 8. Comprehensive Tool: The libraries are more than just a convenience; they empower researchers to conduct robust, accurate, and efficient surveys, contributing to the generation of actionable insights that drive business success.


Private one-on-one discussions, group discussions. All discussions update in real-time. 1. Real-Time Updates: Enables live, instantaneous updates within discussions, ensuring participants and moderators can see and respond to new inputs as they occur. 2. Private One-on-One Discussions: Facilitates confidential interactions between a moderator and a participant, ideal for sensitive or in-depth topics. 3. Blinded Group Discussions: Allows participants to engage in group settings without seeing each other's identities, promoting unbiased and uninfluenced responses. 4. Regular Group Discussions: Supports traditional group discussions where all participants can interact openly, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas. 5. Multimedia Support: All discussion formats support text, audio, video, photos, and file uploads, providing a flexible and rich medium for communication and data collection. 6. Comprehensive Interaction: These features cater to a wide range of qualitative research needs, enhancing the depth and quality of insights gathered from various participant interactions.

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Video Diaries

Diaries allow members to share experiences as they happen. Video diaries are a valuable tool in market research for several reasons: 1. Depth of Data: They capture real-time, nuanced insights into consumer behavior and emotions, offering richer data than traditional surveys. 2. Authentic Context: Videos provide visual and auditory cues like body language and tone, adding layers of understanding to participant feedback. 3. Longitudinal Insights: They allow for the monitoring of changes in attitudes and behaviors over extended periods, useful for assessing the impact of external influences. 4. Ease of Use: The widespread availability of digital devices makes video diaries easy for participants to create and for researchers to analyze. 5. Unprompted Responses: They give participants the freedom to express important aspects of their experience, leading to potentially novel insights. 6. Participant Engagement: The interactive nature of video recording tends to engage participants more deeply, yielding more detailed and thoughtful responses. 7. Flexible Data Collection: Participants can record entries at their convenience, resulting in a natural portrayal of their daily activities and opinions. Overall, video diaries enhance the comprehensiveness and authenticity of market research, making them an indispensable method for understanding consumer perspectives.

What People Are Saying

"We used to discuss for hours in management meetings what we thought our customers would like. No we can create and field a survey in that same time and get real-time results." 


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