Capturing Experiences

Connecting Customers and Clients

Flexible Duration

We offer one week, one month, and long term communities, and anything in between. All include unlimited research activities for one flat fee.

One-on-One Discussions

Our diary mode empowers users to share privately with the moderator.

Create confidence and trust for secure subject matter. 

Group Discussions

Gather feedback in a group discussion. Users can respond to the moderator as well as other users, creating group synergy.

Real Time Discussions

Invite users to join a discussion at a specific time. Comments appear in real time.


Our survey editor is easy to use. Simply drag or click the question types you want. Create simple and complex skip logic and/or masking.


Community members must consent to be contacted when they sign up. Members can also change settings for how and when they are contacted.


Let your members in on what you've learned and increase engagement. Your newsfeed is a great place to share community content. 

Quick Polls

Test ideas instantly with your community members.  

Email Campaigns

Invite members to discussions and surveys through email. Community managers can plan ahead and schedule email communications with members on a date and time they choose.

Reward Participation

Using points is a proven method to retain members and increase participation. Our built in rewards system allows members to collect points for each activity they complete. Members can easily

convert those points to a payment method of your choosing.

Client Branding

Easily customize your community with your logos, colours, and imagery. Your respondents expect well designed sites, and we help you deliver.


Use Dashboard to analyze and understand your audience. Export quantitative findings to Excel or SPSS. Export qualitative findings to PPT, Word, or Excel. 

Create Audience Segments

User groups are a great way to test company ideas. Create audience segments automatically based on personal information, or from survey answers and behavior.

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