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Insightrix Communities

DIY Communities

We make it easy for you to achieve your research goals. Easy to use software combined with a library of short training videos gives you the power to create the community you envisioned.  


Full Service Communities

We are a full service market research firm who can handle short term projects or long term communities. Hiring a community manager can be difficult. We can do the community management for you. 


Custom Programming

We can build an API to connect that survey software with your online community. Pricing and delivery time on a case by case basis.


The Quant You Like

We provide survey examples so you are ready to go from the start. Customer satisfaction surveys, and ....


Switching Panel Providers

Do you have an existing panel platform? Our software team will assist you with every step of the migration process to bring existing panel members and their data to our platform.


Panel Size

Our long term pricing allows a panel size of 15 000 members.  Reasonable pricing options available for panels exceeding 15 000.


Unlimited Surveys and Groups

There is no limit to the number of surveys and groups that can be conducted during the contract period.


Research Services Support


Insightrix Communities allows clients to choose 

from self-serve or full-serve, with the flexibility for

any option in between.  We help with:

  • Survey scripting

  • Survey design

  • Research services

  • Data file preparation

  • Analytics

  • Report writing

  • Moderating groups


Short term projects can be as short as one week to one or more months, while long term projects can range one year or longer.


Technical Support

Technical support is available to assist your panelists directly on lost passwords, etc.

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