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Customer Experience in 2021

For those handling customer experience for a large brand in the United States, the past year has been no easy task. From the Coronavirus pandemic to the election, brands have had to make major decisions and this has not been easy. We decided to look at a few examples of leadership that have helped large brands with customer experience during this time.

Be Authentic

Both your customers and team are looking for you to lead authentically. Leading with conviction means that you are concerned about honesty, and it is a way to cut through office politics. This helps when you and your team are faced with critical decisions and generates sympathy when things don’t go as planned. The team knows that you tried and that can be a huge motivator.

Don’t Pretend to Know

As a leader you need to admit when you don’t know. This sets a good example for your employees, and builds an atmosphere of transparency. If the boss can’t admit that he doesn’t know, the team will try to hide the reality of times when they don’t know and this will create a multitude of problems. By admitting you don’t know, you open the door to learning and creating greater learning within the company.

Decentralize your Power

If a company could understand one concept it would be what lies at the heart of market research online community software, and that is that the power is within the group and not in the individual. The same is true with your company. By empowering and trusting your employees to build and grow you create a stronger company by far. Remember no one knows it all, and in this time of uncertainty it is important to be transparent and honest with the challenges your team faces, and rely on the knowledge of the group, both with market research online communities to help understand your customers, and within your staff to help support each other.

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