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The Hardest Part of Starting an Online Community

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Written by: Megan McDowell

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Organization is one of the most beneficial qualities that companies and professionals can have. When selling an online community, it helps to have a checklist of all the things your clients will need to consider for set up, as well as have your team aligned to execute the task they are responsible for. That is how things run smoothly, right? On your end- yes, it certainly helps. However, when you are working to implement a new project (your software) into another business’s operations, it is important to keep in mind that the timeline for this may not be what you originally thought. Despite road bumps in the process of implementation, it is important to be available to assist your client in every step of the way and to remember that it is their timeline that matters. It is ultimately the client who should be setting the pace of online community set up- not the vendor.

Take, for consideration, the internal data privacy protocol of certain organizations, which require any data sharing instances to pass the approval of designated professionals before moving forward. You also may have to navigate discussions and protocol with lawyers, communications departments, and marketing departments of your client.

Each of these processes should not be seen as roadblocks per se- it means that due care and attention are being taken by both sides to ensure data safety and protection. When coming upon these challenges, remind yourself that these are normal procedures, and stay confident that you are doing all that you can to provide your client with what they need to move forward in a streamlined way.

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