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Communities and Change Amidst The Pandemic

Globally, there is a new normal working itself out in which small things unexpectedly become massively important nowadays. This shows how we live a new reality and a lot of variations in attitudes, behaviors, and habits are still continuously forming. Seeing businesses, and the world shut down so quickly raises the question – how will that change people’s behaviors in the short and long term and what’s going to stay? Some companies have said they will resume connecting with their customers after things return to normal, and I would have to say that is the worst decision you could make. Customer research and connection has never been more important.  

Awareness and attention to the community

Who needs help? Who is available to help you? How can you help? These are questions that suddenly become inherent within us because people who matter to you at this time become really important. Priorities are going to change in terms of not only what is important, but at the same time who is important to us as well. There is an elevated community appreciation. Appreciating and belonging to a community or a series of micro communities is great comfort in this time.  We are encouraging all of our clients using our experience management platform to reach out more and create more connections through communities.

Rethink and reinvent

The notion on how businesses should be for good rather than profit is now relevant in these trying times. Businesses can still make money and at the same time, realign their strategies to more pressing issues and how they can be involved. Priorities on growth and going global is now put aside, and sustainability is a kind of sense where businesses are headed now. This is not a time for brands to compete against one another. There is something bigger than all of us happening right now and it’s time to focus on how to move forward.

Understanding everyday, real life challenges

The world needs to adjust and see the bigger picture by broadening perspectives. Understand what people’s challenges are, communicate, and respond to that. People want practical solutions and how it can help them progress. Market research communities is the way to connect .  The fear of something like this happening again in the future has put us in a place of wanting fundamental change that will shape the world, and it starts with us. With everything in the world changing, what will stay?

Connect with your customers and find out ways on how you can communicate with them and help. If you have a need for a market research online community, or experience management platform  contact us.

To learn more about what Insightrix Communities has been up to, check us out on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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